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  Spring Harmonisation

About your event

Event Title: 
Warwick face to face Harmonisation
Event Type: 
Incentive / Reward / Recognition
AVRIL , Mai et Juin 2017,   2 rue Dollards, WARWICK, Qc.,   819-358-2020Evasion Soleil Center,     ELIZABETH MCNALLY, n.d., Traumatologue Certifiee (819) 740 -7771 TRAUMALINE1.COM   SOULAGEZ la douleur chronique. DÉTENDEZ-VOUS. ENERGISEZ-VOUS. Libérez votre cœur et votre corps de toutes tensions accumulées…   3 choix : 15 minutes : 25  ,  30 minutes : 45 ou  60 minutes : 60 sur rendez-vous. Communiquez avec nous maintenant : FORFAIT Prenez 4 SESSIONS et la 5ieme est GRATUITE. Jusqu’au 17  JUIN, 2017 inclusivement.   Read on to see if this is for you: Had a rough winter...Life has brought its ordeals...losses...perhaps stress, anxiety, despair... Spring is arriving. Holidays beckon. Yet, you feel as though you could just use that extra push to move on!   Why wait! Now, you can energize, harmonize, cleanse, refresh so that you can enjoy those glorious holidays you've been day-dreaming of. This winter has brought it's challenges and weighed you down. Well, pick-up the phone and call for a session.  Like to Skype, phone now and set the time.  Face to face is the only way to go for you, well then come to Warwick, Qc. and spend a weekend so you can expressely concentrate on your recovery in 5 sessions over two days.   Just contact us first so that we can arrange a schedule to meet your needs.  Our goal is to get you back on track so that your quality of life may be maximized.   Should you require longer assistance to pursue your present goals, trauma resolution or compassion fatigue recovery, we are in a position to offer programs that may suit you better.  Just go ahead and contact us now!
WHEN is your event?
Event Start: 
Mon, 2017-04-03 (All day)
Event End: 
Sat, 2017-06-17 (All day)


McNally Traumatologue - Evasion Soleil Center ,
2 rue Dollards , Face to Face, one on one, or screened group of 7 maximum
Warwick, , QC J0A1M0
Phone: 819-358-2020
WHO is the event contact ?
Contact Name: 
Dr. Elizabeth McNally
Contact Phone: 
(819) 740-7771
Event Settings
Guest Permitted: 
No, only the registrant can attend
Event Fee: 
Yes, there is a fee