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What is TraumaLine1 and why do we need it?

Post-Trauma Responses including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may occur after exposure to a very stressful event. Events that tend to lead to PTSD and other related stress disorders tend to include those typified by serious injury, illness, or threat of death personally or to those who you know or have contact with. A traumatic event is generally something that is terribly frightening that leaves you feeling hopeless, helpless and out-of-control of the unfolding events.

In the course of one’s lifetime approximately 60% of men and 50% of women directly experience at least one significant traumatic event. Women are more at risk of exposure to childhood sexual abuse or a sexual assault later in life; while men are more inclined to experience physical violence, war combat, natural disaster, accident or to witness another’s serious injury or death.

The good news is that although exposure to trauma is fairly common only 7-8% of the general population is diagnosed with PTSD over the course of their life-time. Women tend to be more vulnerable to the development of PTSD (approximately 10%) while only 5% of men exposed to trauma will develop PTSD. In the U.S. approximately 5.2 million adults will meet the diagnostic criterion for PTSD in any given year. This number represents only a small percentage of individuals who have experienced a trauma over the course of the same year. So although diagnosis of PTSD is relatively small compared to exposure those suffering from the aftermath of trauma but still managing to cope is quite a large number and requires care in order to lead to an optimal outcome for the individual.

Currently there are numerous professional and public websites that focus on information for trauma survivors, databases for specific professions (psychologists, social workers, etc.), trauma specific information sites for professionals specializing in trauma and trauma networks.  However, there are no self-generating international profile based trauma websites that match providers with care-seekers.

With thousands of people searching the internet daily for terms like Post-Traumatic Stress; anxiety; depression; counseling; and therapy we know that making these matches can make the difference between trauma and recovery. Our goal is to help trauma survivors in their journey to recovery and we believe that getting the right help in a timely manner is the first step. It is not always easy to find skilled trauma counselors and other services providers who can help.  This is why TraumaLine1 was built to help match those needing trauma care with trained professionals who have the right skills to and are ready to help right now..

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