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  What is TI Certified?

What is TI certified?

Traumatology InstituteTI Certified refers to those trauma professionals who have completed trauma training with the Traumatology Institute either in class or online.

They will be recognized as having completed programs on their profile by having a visible ribbon with TI Certified displayed.

Courses completed through TI will also be posted to the therapist’s profile page.

Those practitioners who have completed the full Traumatology Institute Curriculum training series will have a comprehensive methodology for working with trauma survivors. This training ensures a certain level of skill and understanding of the meaning of Trauma Informed care as well as a toolkit for assisting trauma survivors. Although there are many well-qualified trauma therapists, those with specialized and recognized training can offer care that is a good fit.

Whoever you end up seeing for your trauma psychotherapy, your comfort and emotional safety and stabilization are primary. Choose carefully and feel empowered to try a different therapist if you do not feel that you are making progress.