About Us

About TraumaLine1


TraumaLine1 is an online matching service, connecting skilled and dedicated trauma counselors and consultants to those needing care in the aftermath of trauma.

TraumaLine1 was developed by an independent team of consultants directed by Dr. Baranowsky. The TraumaLine1 platform is a showcase for trauma professionals and those trauma impacted individuals, organizations and family, friends and colleagues of trauma survivors looking for post-trauma recovery services.

Why do we need TraumaLine1?

Searching for a therapist can be a challenging task. In the past, the process of finding a therapist could even feel overwhelming and at times embarrassing. Asking your family doctor for a referral didn’t guarantee a good match, and talking to friends and colleagues for recommendations just wasn’t something everyone is comfortable with.

With the use of the internet, you can search for information about therapy and local counselors, while still maintaining your privacy. However, when searching for therapists who specialize in trauma counselling, even now, the options are limited.

This is where TraumaLine1 comes in. This service is dedicated to matching trauma survivors with mental health professionals who are trained

trauma counsellors. These skilled trauma professionals can provide timely and informed care and counseling to trauma survivors, and to those who have been secondarily impacted (struggling with compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma) by their relationships with trauma survivors.