How do you treat depression?

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How do you treat depression?

Treating Depression

The good news is that there are many different succesful approaches to dealing with the symptoms of depression. Even individuals struggling with severe symptoms of depression can experience very good results with timely and appropriate treatment.

Although seeking treatment can feel uncomfortable at first for some, it can result in re-engagement in life in all aspects and a sense of relief from extreme feelings of sadness and dispair. Treatment for depression generally involves counselling of some type in combination with medication or either medication or psychotherapy.

Give yourself the time to ensure that the treatment you are trying is working. Sometimes it requires an extended period of time before improvements are noticed. You may need to try different approaches or combinations of treatment before you find the best combination for you.

Psychological Counseling

The most commonly used approach for treating depression is Cognitive Bahavioral Therapy or CBT. This approaches assists the individual to challenge negatively held personal beliefs by reflecting on a more positive manner of thinking. It also utilizes processes exercises to help the individual recognize where they are getting stuck in their beliefs and how to come up with new solutions to old problems.