Common signs of Substance Abuse or Addiction

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Common signs and symptoms of Substance Abuse or Addiction

Common signs and symptoms of Substance Abuse

  • You are using the substance of choice in dangerous situations or take risks while under the influence of the drug (i.e., driving while drunk, having unsafe sex or sharing needles with other drug users).
  • You are getting into legal trouble as a result of your substance use, such as stealing to support your habit, being arrested for your conduct while under the influence, or being charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI).
  • You have been neglecting your responsibilities and failing to function normally at home, parenting, school, at work or socially
  • Your relationships are suffering as a result of your substance abuse and leading to fights, job loss, rejection by family and friends.


Common signs and symptoms of a Substance Addiction

  • When you need more of the drug to experience the same effects as you used to with a smaller dosage you have tolerance to the substance.
  • Withdrawal symptoms become a problem when you do not get more of the substance within a short period of time.  When experiencing withdrawal you might feel restlessness, insomnia, sweating, shaking, anxious feelings, depression, nausea, etc.
  • You no longer feel you have control over your substance usage and as a result use the substance more frequently than you planned even when you want to stop.  You have a feeling of powerlessness over your substance use.
  • Your life becomes focused on finding, thinking about, and recovering from your substance usage.
  • You no longer enjoy activities that were previously pleasurable such as sports, socializing with others, entertainment.  Instead you spend the majority of your time engaged in using the substance of your choice.
  • Even when you recognize that the substance is harming you and resulting in serious problems in your life you continue to use the substance.