What Is Depression?

Depression is a serious illness that impacts both the mind and body.  When people experience a major depression it can affect their emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Depression is more than just feeling sad which can be a normal response to life circumstances. It is a chronic and complex illness that may require both psychological and medical intervention over a long period of time.

A depressive disorder may result in feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, self-blame and extreme sadness or emotional despair. A Major Depressive Disorder goes beyond feelings of sadness and will result in difficulties or inability to manage regular activities of daily living. Suicidal thoughts or a desire to harm oneself may begin to intrude in ones thoughts.

Psychological counseling, medication and other treatments have been shown to be helpful in alleviating or managing symptoms for those suffering with depression. Learning about depression, the symptoms, and the impact on the individual can also be part of the solution as it gives you the chance to identify the problem, recognize the symptoms and find appropriate treatment.