Online Therapist Directories

online Therapist directories

I am already signed-up with another online therapist directory, why would I need TraumaLine1?

We specialize in trauma care, and will assist you as you build your list of clientele in a high-demand but under-serviced area of practice.

At this time, there are no other trauma counsellor search directories with this unique specialization.

Through the Traumatology Institute, we have been in the business of helping trauma survivors seeking care, and trauma professionals building skills, for over a decade. It is this experience we are bringing to bear at TraumaLine1, working to make your valuable skills visible to those who need them.
Through this TraumaLine1 service you will be associated with an organization that is focused on a precise population – trauma survivors, and their care. As a skilled trauma professional who is continuing to build their trauma practice, you not only be highly visible online, you will also be found on a site that is focused on serving your specific clientele.

Here, you, and your future clientele, will have access to a professional site that has relevant content and resources. You will be able to post links to your publications, products and workshops, highlighting your skills.

You will be seen by the clients who need your skills the most