Service Seekers

Service Seekers

Are you seeking professional Trauma Counseling services?

If you have experienced a trauma and don’t know where to go for help TraumaLine1 has the professionals to help you.

  • Simply visit our home page, select Service Seekers and type in your specific requirements.
  • Search methods by location include: Postal Code/Zip Code, City, Province/State or Country.
  • Or use our advanced search criteria by: Professional Title; Specialty; Therapist Gender; & Languages Spoken
  • You will be able to search safely and anonymously to start, by sending your potential service provider an e-mail through our secure e-mail service.
  • Providers will be able to contact you through our secure e-mail service maintaining confidential postings until you are certain of your choice.

Service Seekers:

Service seekers include survivors of wars, natural disasters, serious illness, injury, accidents, acts of terrorism, violence and abuse.

Trauma is not limited to age, social class, country, culture or time.

Trauma happens at any place and any time. In fact, the majority of adults have experienced trauma either directly or through secondary exposure to another’s first hand trauma. Care-providers – whether professional, volunteer or among family and friends – can also become secondarily traumatized or overwhelmed as a result of their caring efforts.


Service Seekers search for free. There is no cost to search for a trauma therapy specialist in your area. We are providing a platform to help you get the right care, right now.