Trauma Informed Care

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Trauma Informed Care

When choosing a trauma therapist who a specializes in trauma, you will be engaging with someone who has an understanding of 'trauma-informed care' and this means they will be familiar with the impact of trauma and the types of struggles you may have faced or be facing right now.

A Trauma Informed Counselor will be trained to understand that you may feel more comfortable in a therapeutic relationship where there is a respect for your boundaries and a need to be informed every step of the way about the process, approaches used and choices to be made.

When individuals have experienced a traumatic event they often feel they have lost power. A trauma informed mental health professional will be trained to offer you choices that keep you involved and allow you to feel that you retain power in making therapy decisions. Keeping you informed, involved in decisions and feeling in control will help you feel more secure and better able to engage in the work of recovering from trauma.

Part of a therapist's job is to educate you about trauma symptoms so you can begin to recognize what has happened to you and to learn skills to recover. A trauma therapist will have expertise in special approaches for post-trauma care and processing. The counselor will be able to guide you in gaining an understanding of your symptoms and make recommendations and treatment suggestions to help you regain a sense of control over your strong memories, thoughts and emotions.